Great offers adapted to your needs

Standard Logo Pack
Everything you need for your business! The logo pack includes high definition file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF). Perfect for creating business cards, your website, apparel, signs and more. 
HD Web & Print file formats
JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG file formats
Transparent file format (PNG)
Custom customer support
Extra options:
Vector Formats: 10.00€
Obtain vector file formats (SVG, PDF) of your logo, these files are editable with programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These high-resolution files are recommended for marketing & printing purposes.
Social Network Formats: 5.00€
Perfectly sized file formats of your logo for your social network profile pages. This option is pratical as you won't have to resize your logo yourself to the required sizes for your social network pages.
Exclusive Option: 80.00€
This option gives you exclusive rights on your logo! You will receive a signed copyrights agreement contract, your logo will also be permanently removed from our site. (Registration of your logo is not included).
Unlimited modifications 5.00€
Make as many changes to your logo as you like: layout, colors, fonts and symbols. This option is very handy as you may have to make adjustments to your logo down the line for marketing & printing purposes.
Black & White Formats: 5.00€
Black & white file formats of your logo in transparent and colored background formats. Black & white formats are useful as you may have to use them for marketing & advertising. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I print business cards with my logo?
Yes, you can print business cards with your logo using the HD print files provided in the "Print" folder of your logo bundle. We strongly advise that you take the "Business" bundle which provides vector SVG & PDF files of your logo for premium quality printing.
Can I use my logo on my social network pages?
Yes, when you choose the "Business" or "Exclusive" packages, you will be provided with the social network bundle which includes social network profile pictures & covers with your logo. The file formats are preconfigured to fit your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter pages.
Will my logo be removed from the site if I purchase the "Exclusive" package? 
Yes, if you choose to purchase the "Exclusive" package, your icon will be removed from our site and you will be the sole owner of the icon and logo composition. You will also receive a signed copyrights agreement contract and will be able to make as many modifications on your logo as you please.
Can I edit my logo once I have purchased it?
Yes, by purchasing the "Business" or "Exclusive" package, you will be able to make unlimited modifications to your logo. Very handy if you need different formats.
Can I use my logo in my emails?
yes, of course, you can use the files provided in the "Web" folder of your logo bundle. You will need to resize the file to fit your emails as we do not provide preconfigured email file formats.
Can I use my logo on my website?
Yes, it is recommended to use the files provided in the "Web" folder of your logo bundle. You have all the formats you need to intergrate your logo to your website.